Terms & Conditions

  1. Registration
    1. On arrival all riders must report to registration to:-
      1. Collect ride number-
      2. Sign registration form-
      3. Review a map of the route, and take note of any safety information
    2. If it is necessary to retire during the route please stop and contact our emergency number. Our entries team will advise on the safest return route to the parking area.
    3. On completion of the ride all riders must report to the registration trailer to:-
      1. Sign out of the course-
      2. Collect rosette(optional)
    4. Failure to sign out will require our event organisers to contact you after the event to ensure you have returned home safely and remind you of the requirement to sign out. Persistent failure to sign out may lead to the event organisers refusing to accept future entries from you.


  1. Rider & Horse
    1. Riders must have appropriate and current public liability insurance cover.
    2. All riders must wear a hard hat to the current approved standard (correctly fastened) when mounted. All riders are strongly advised to wear appropriate body protection.
    3. Riders must follow all directional and safety signage. Only marked routes may be followed
    4. Riders must follow all instructions given to them by the Fun Ride Entries team or stewards.
    5. All riders must have full control of their horse at all times and be appropriately skilled to ride and handle horses safely in a sensible manner. Horses must not be left tied up unattended.
    6. Riders should carry a mobile phone on them, emergency contact numbers are available on the wrist bands that all riders are required to wear.
    7. Walkers are only permitted on course if directly leading a horse/pony on a lead rein. Additional walkers are not permitted for safety reasons. Dogs are not permitted on the course and we strongly advise that they should not be left unattended in horseboxes/vehicles.
    8. The ride is mostly over private land for which special permission has been given, it does not constitute a right of way.
    9. Overtaking is permitted, please calmly alert those ahead of you of your intention, and await an affirmative response before proceeding. Persistent breaches of this rule may lead to the event organisers refusing to accept future entries from you.


  1. Jumps
    1. All jumps are optional
    2. You must be suitably skilled to jump fences and only tackle those within you and your horse’s capability
    3. You must ensure that the fence is clear prior to jumping and that by jumping it you will not cause disturbance/danger to anyone in the vicinity
    4. Consideration must be given at all times to other horses and riders
    5. Any problems, injuries or damage which you, or your horse/pony suffer, or encounter during your use of the course must be reported to us without delay and before you leave. Please use the emergency telephone number on the wrist band.


  1. Emergency Procedure
    1. All riders are required to sign in and out of the event.
    2. An emergency contact number is provided on your wrist band. Please note the number of the nearest steward to determine your approximate location. If there is no answer then please send a text message to this number and you will receive a call back.
    3. We do not stipulate the use of medical arm bands, however, we would advise bands are worn if a rider has specific medical details that the emergency services need to be aware of in the event of an accident and this may include any contact details.


  1. Conditions of Participation
    1. The organisers, landowners accept no responsibility for injury from accidents to persons or animals or the theft of property. Persons attending to so at their own risk.

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